Last Christmas we had plenty of new games launching. I am excited to hear Costume Quest got ready their second edition. I shall have a few moments of my own while my boys will play this. I saw a trailer before launch and it seems to have plenty of challenges to keep you hooked for hours. Haven’t got it yet.

For bigger boys I see that NBA 2K15 just got out. I am pretty satisfied with the previous games, so this will sure get in my shopping basket. Also it should sound nice since I see that Pharrell Williams contribute to sound track.
Now for teenagers or old people (with no job) Final Fantasy got to their XIII edition. If you haven’t tried this game maybe you should know first that this is not a girly easy to play game. It has a complex battle system and the stories are complex as well. If you’re a fan of Japanese role playing games this will keep you entertained. I know I will.

test driving new gamesFor the nostalgic the Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2 seems to bring all that emotion back to modern times. It features Pac, Spiral and Cylindria that has to save PacWorld against Lord Betrayus army. If that sound familiar than it’s time you get it.

Time to get your playstation out and role Samurai Worriors 4. Back to Japanese games this was released last year (2014) for North America and Europe. In Japan it’s already launched since March 2014. It’s ready for PS3, PS4 and on Vita.

XBox One is going to have a new game available named Sunset Overdrive (released in 2014). It’s described as an “open world comedy third-person shooter”. Every player is getting transform into a monster after consuming an energy drink (go figure). This is for warrior gamers that love the unreal (very unreal) weapon arsenal. It got the award of best game for Xbox One, so it may something of it behind the bad graphics.

As I start talking about kids, Pokémon Art Academy is getting out as well. This is a game meant to educate your kids how to draw. Nintendo want to capitalize on those that want to learn how to draw Pokemon along with basic art concepts (colouring, shapes and some complex things). This is a great add since it reminds that education should be fun. This gets my vote as a parent.

Assassin’s Creed Rogue and Assassin’s Creed Unity are available for Japan, North America and PAL region. Assassin’s Creed Unity is the only one of the 2 that is suited for PC gaming.

I can not mention Call of Duty with the Advanced Warfare ed. This first person shooter by Sledgehammer Games is the 11 of their series. Xbox, Playstation and PC (windows) are the platforms that support this. The video presentation start with a quote from Abraham Lincoln. I’ll let you watch it and discover yourself. This is already rolling on my new PS4 (that’s why this post is so cryptic).

Last year end got another big game: Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris. The story line gets you to Egypt and includes what else than Egyptian mythology. If your a fan of Lara this should be enough to want it, although I’m not going to buy this one. I’ll probably test it on my friends.

For racing I am expecting my next pay check to get The Crew from Ubisoft and Ivory Tower. It is working on all platforms. 20 hours is going to take to play thin in the single player mode. If you know NFS the story line won’t be that far. But considering it’s another developer I am expecting this to feel different.

Got any game you are test driving now?